Feb 23, 2009

I Can Now Breath

Whew! It has been awhile since I had time to sit back and take a small break. Thank you all for prayers my son is doing Great!! He has healed up nicely, last Thursday I was so happy when the doctor said they wouldn't have to wire his jar. Whew that made me extra happy out of knowing that wiring his jaw meant they would have to cut him on the side of his face to place a plate in there I was more than happy to hear he would not be needing that. Now he has a dental appointment to fix the chipped teeth.

I have done two shows in the last week and to my surprise I did very well! As you can see the one picture was from the first show is very blurry............sigh I left the memory card at home to my camera and tried using my blackberry to take pictures. The other pictures are of some happy ladies with their new dolls. But the BIGGEST NEWS of all is I have been asked to do two pieces for the Reginald Lewis Museum (very nervous) not too sure what I will do but will keep you posted on that. Funny how things happen just a short conversation with someone not having any idea who the person is. Wow one of the members of the museum. So now I am going to focus on getting my work area back in order, hunting down old vintage handbags, hats and anything else I can use for my dolls. I love rabbits and had a black cloth one someone gave me many years ago and during one of my moves it was lost. So I am going to take time later on to make myself one fine fancy rabbit lol.
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!


  1. Cheryl So glad that your son is coming along so good. The power of prayer!!!! God Blessed your family. Your dolls look so good. That is great that everything went good at your shows. And to do work for a museum...Wow Good luck on that. I know it will be wonderful work that you do for them. Enjoy your day


  2. Hi Cheryl! Your name is entered dear one! I'm glad to hear things are getting better. I love your little dolls and I'm so proud for you getting to showcase your talent in the museum. I had commented her before - but it disappeared! Oh, this blogland! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Oh I am so happy to hear that your son is doing well Cheryl! He has been in my prayers and I am so relieved to hear that he will not have to have his jaw wired shut! Praises!

    Your dolls are just amazing!!!! I didn't realize they were life size!!! Just beautiful!!! Congratulations on your many successes! You go girl!!!!