Feb 5, 2009


Dragging what is left of my one leg that is not tied to the sewing machine I decided to sit down and take a short break from sewing. I have just been totally drained the other day I woke up at 3:30 AM and started sewing and for 14hours what is wrong with me? I feel like I lost in ideas that for some reason is slow into making their way out of my head onto cloth. Last Saturday I did my weekly shopping with Joyce and as always she gets me buying more and more things that sometimes I have to ask myself now do you really need it or are you just buying on impulse and the answer is always of course I need it lol.

Well I was in such a hurry to make to Joann's that I got the sales mixed up and the quilter fabric didn't go on sale till the next day which was Sunday so you guessed it I will be back there this weekend shopping again. I truly have an addiction of many starting with my obsession with buttons gosh I need to find a place to check myself in just for help with that alone but nooooooo I keep hording buttons like a person with serious drug illness. Then my selfish ways when it comes to Lace shame on me I hunt, seek and find all bits and pieces of Lace I can get my hands on and not to mention the lace that so many kind and thoughtful souls who have graciously given me to add to my addiction. I sit there and just drool as I pacify myself with each piece at times dreaming of the things I could make from them then there are pieces I just can't find a way to part with them. What just what am I going to do with it? Nothing just sit and stare at it laying in my stash box. One I keep hidden away for only my eyes to see out of fear someone may suggest that it is a good piece to add to some doll laying over to the side patiently awaiting for more embellishments.
Here is a peek of the dolls I have been working on getting them ready for the Black History Month Show I will be doing at the State Department in DC on February 17. I never seem to satisfy with how my dolls look once they are finish I will take pictures of a few of them so far I have made 14 dolls in the past few weeks. I also must start on their little stories each one has a story to tell or a love letter tucked away some where that been hidden until someone can come along and mail it off for them.

Well this chain is starting to get tight meaning I need to get back to sewing. Until later

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl........Snatch Joy!


  1. Cheryl!

    I've been wondering where you went! Boy, you sure have been busy! 14 dolls in a few weeks...WOW! I wish you the very best when you head up to DC! Hope you'll make it back here soon!

  2. Hi Cheryl! Now, I need to know what kind of vitamins you take - I need some of those. You've been so busy, haven't you? Oh, your little dolls are just darling! You're very good. Can't believe you've made 14 in so short of a time! Make sure you take pictures of all of them to show us! Wow, going to DC? Have a wonderful time and sell many a little baby!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)