Dec 28, 2009

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

This is part2 of my earlier post. I wanted to post pictures but I am having a hard time with my camera. I first have to give thanks to the wonderful people who have been so kind to me over the holidays. This is a list of ornaments I received from some very nice Ladies, I want you to know I love every single one I cannot thank you all enough for your giving hearts and your talents.
lavender seahorse--Cindy
little brown haired lady in long dress--Cindy
green vintagey looking ornament with old looking picture on front--Jess
two wonderful bear angels--Debbie Mikesell
Largish collagey looking ornament--Kathy Lowry
Largish woodeney snowman--Kathy Lowry
Primitive candy canes and another primmy one: Kim Robinson
Old fashioned looking ball ornament with pink rose on it--Cindy
Christmasey tag-Vivian Neroni
Peace ornament--Awtemnymf
Little wooden snowperson--Awtemnymf
wooden snowflake--Awtemnymf
Silver glitter shoe --Deb
Deb I also must thank you for the beautiful Christmas box and the chocolate yum. I hope that you will enjoy your gift as well. This was the first Christmas I have had in about six years and it was a Beautiful one. On Saturday I had a few friends come by we sat around and talk, ate and sang songs and just had a wonderful time. The funny part was just before everyone got here the power went out in our neighborhood and the last of the cooking I was doing had just finished in a nic of time whew. So for about an hour we all sat around in candle light and start talking about how in the olden days this was have been the way it was. Thank God for electricity lol it was still dark to me even with all the candles I had going. The pictures you see are not very good and as I stated my camera just doesn't want cooperate at the moment. The doll was one that an 84 year old lady called me up and ask would I make a doll for her great grand daughter, I almost said no it was at a time I really wasn't into making dolls or doing pretty much of anything but I went ahead and gave it a shot and she just loved it. Sam she wanted pink and as you can see her dress is done in polka dots lol. I really hate my camera didn't take good pictures of it and at the time I took this one the lady was here at the house to pick it up and so I just hurried up and took a picture. But after making that doll it gave me new ideas on doing other ones. I have never made a doll for a child before and don't really know if I will again but as they say never say never. I actually have done another doll since that one and she looks even better than that one. I love my dolls. They may not sell online but at shows I do pretty good.

I am not sure if I am doing this right I never can seem to get the hyper link but please go over to Cheryl's blog Prims from Scratch there you can see my swap package from her and what I sent to her.
Another new blog friend. You know it is so wonderful how blogging can bring so many new people into your life. Last year I met Deb from Vintage Soul during a Easter Swap we have been in touch ever since.

I know I am going on and on but there is so much I want to share and say but I guess I need to close now and pray that by tomorrow I can get that camera of mines to work I do want to share at least a few of my Christmas pictures. I hope I haven't left anyone out if I did please know I do appreciate all of you. Until next posting
Peace and Many Blessings to all
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Dec 19, 2009


father christmas

First let me say Thank you Cindy!! and I will soon try to list all the people who have been so so kind to me over the past weeks. For my Christmas swap partner Cheryl a million thanks to you. For everyone and I do mean Everyone who participated in Cindy's Ornament Swap I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. It brought so much Joy to me to have received the package of beautiful ornaments and to see all the talent everyone displayed. Deb I also want to thank for the Sympathy card you are so sweet. Through the pain I have been going through I have met some wonderful new friends. I cannot express in words how moved I am over the kindness everyone has shown to me. *Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus* lol that is how I am feeling right now. I have mention a few times how much it meant to me to have a Christmas this year and Yes!!! I have a tree. Like I said this is a two part post I will post the pictures of all my goodies and the tree and so much more. Sam you are such a doll I thank you for your friendship I see that you also have been a busy bee.

Do you know over the past few months it was hard for me to post but I want all who travel and visit my blog that your blogs gave me inspiration and oh my gosh your homes are all decked out so Beautiful. I will try to be a better blogger in the future and I also want to thank everyone who shares a little of their JOy with all of us each day. Char I must also thank your kindness how you take out time each day to give up tips and inspiration you motivates me in to doing when I just dont want to move I thank you. I will be back later on until then everyone