Feb 23, 2009

I Can Now Breath

Whew! It has been awhile since I had time to sit back and take a small break. Thank you all for prayers my son is doing Great!! He has healed up nicely, last Thursday I was so happy when the doctor said they wouldn't have to wire his jar. Whew that made me extra happy out of knowing that wiring his jaw meant they would have to cut him on the side of his face to place a plate in there I was more than happy to hear he would not be needing that. Now he has a dental appointment to fix the chipped teeth.

I have done two shows in the last week and to my surprise I did very well! As you can see the one picture was from the first show is very blurry............sigh I left the memory card at home to my camera and tried using my blackberry to take pictures. The other pictures are of some happy ladies with their new dolls. But the BIGGEST NEWS of all is I have been asked to do two pieces for the Reginald Lewis Museum (very nervous) not too sure what I will do but will keep you posted on that. Funny how things happen just a short conversation with someone not having any idea who the person is. Wow one of the members of the museum. So now I am going to focus on getting my work area back in order, hunting down old vintage handbags, hats and anything else I can use for my dolls. I love rabbits and had a black cloth one someone gave me many years ago and during one of my moves it was lost. So I am going to take time later on to make myself one fine fancy rabbit lol.
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Feb 17, 2009

Just a Little Note

I can start seeing a little more sunshine along my path. Tomorrow is my big day for the Black History Month Show. I have been working on dolls for weeks now and through all the clutter I have created I can sit back after tomorrow and breath a little before going back at it again.
My Son is healing more and more each day again, Thanks everyone for your prayers I will keep yall updated on the progress of finding the people responsible for this.
Did anyone catch the sales at Jo Ann's I did. Joyce came by and took me out shopping yesterday I was a bit hesitate about going but she felt I needed to be out and grab some fresh air. I was also out of white thread major problem matter fact a crisis being without white thread. I use more white and black thread than any other color. So with coupons in hand off we went. I grabbed a bolt of black muslin, a bolt of onsaburg and only paid 40.00 dollars for the bolt of onsaburg I tell you having coupons is the best thing since slice bread. Not to mention a lot of the grocery chains now are doing double coupon savings on coupons up to 1.00 off. I have done some major damage in the grocery store with those. I even splurged and brought a gingher seam ripper was on sale 30percent off sale price 17.49 plus 10 percent off coupon. Now before I start on anymore dolls I must clean up the mess I have made that some how I just don't know trailed into my bedroom I dare not show pictures of that. Let's just say I am a phone call away from clean house showing up.
Speaking of clean house how many of you watch that show? After watching it a few times I can honestly say it has made me look at things I have at home a lot different. I don't think I could stomach how some of those people homes look. Gosh how on earth could you see stuff just piled up and not even try to get rid of it. Shame of it all but I guess like they say it takes all kinds. I will take pictures of the show and share. I need to start dinner before Mista gets in which is going to be a quick fix meal.
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Feb 14, 2009


I know I am a little late and today it took everything in me to have a Beautiful
day. Today was also my 16th Wedding Anniversary. Mista had to work but he surprised me with a strawberry shortcake, some flowers and a hook rug I have been wanting for sometime.
I am still hurt and upset over my son and trying to keep my head up for the show I am doing on Tuesday. I am truly drained, My son is doing as best he can right now his face is still swollen and with bruises they look worst as they start getting better I just have to do all I can to have him mentally and spiritually right now he doesn't want anyone to see him and I feel his pain. Thank you all again for your prayers and kind words.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Feb 13, 2009

A Mother in Tears

Today I don't have good things to talk about and really I don't even know how to express what I am feeling. I am so hurt right now that I figure the best way to help it was to just blog about it. If this blog seems a bit confusing it's ok because I am. My son was brutally beaten yesterday the worst of my nightmares.

My youngest son goes to school across town, he attends a school for gifted kids he is a high honors student and I am so very proud of him. We call him Beasley a nick name given to him before he was even born funny little story maybe one day when I am not in tears I will explain it. He gets home from school everyday like clock work no later than 6:30 if he goes to the gym. Like I a said very good child. Some maybe can relate to my story but many I know can not. But it is very hard trying to raise a Black Male today so many many obstacles in the way. You feel like before you let your child out of the house you must arm him with all kinds of weapons. I arm mines with Prayers and asking God to keep him safe. Some how I was feeling a bit let down and that maybe the devil thought it had a more powerful weapon than the shield my son was carrying.

6:30 came and no sign of my son I kept calling his cell no answer I remember getting a call from a kid around 4:30 which was strange asking for him but I only told him that he hadn't come home from school yet. 7:45 my heart began to beat fast I knew definitely something was wrong trying not to think the worst I called the number back and the kids mom answered I asked had my son maybe dropped by there on the way home from school and that's when she broke the news to me. Her response was *You don't Know*!! OMG WHAT your son was involved in a altercation he was taken to the hospital. Tears began falling and right now I can not stop crying. I began trying to find what hospital no one called me she didn't know that I was not aware she said she would have called and told me at the time her son was calling to check on Beasley. Finally after making 4 calls I get the number to the dispatch for the ambulance service and they told me they had a call around 4:54 and took my son to John Hopkins Hospital. I didn't want my husband driving I called a cab we arrived I rushed through the emergency room trying to find him. A nurse spotted me and told me he was ok but hurt. My baby laid there broken jaw, chipped tooth, blacken eyes bruised all over. I broke down, I felt helpless i WAS not able to save my child from this. I have never in my life felt so helpless I can only just thank God he was not killed. I was told that he was assaulted by more than 12 youths all this happen in the so called Beautiful Downtown Baltimore Harbor. NO one tried to help my child and all this happened to my son because he heard a cry from another child much smaller than him who was also beaten by these same youths and which my son tells me the kid bike was stolen. He went to help the kid up and the gang came over to him and said oh so you wanna help him and began beaten on my son to the point he was knocked unconscious.

I am just in disbelief that a public area such as that no one called the police no one offered to help my son. I called the police station that is suppose to man that area but only got shot down as if I was bothering them. I just need answers he sits in anger and says to me *See Mom this is what happens to Good People* I don't want to send my son back to that school but it is not the schools fault the travel to and from is what has always been the fear to me. The hospital sent him home with a broken jaw I am to make an appointment for him with a specialist today. He screams that they stole his cell and ipod I tell him they are material things and they can be replaced. He looks at me and says mom we don't have money for those things, some how I will find a way. It just burns me up that my child had to go through something like this I don't want this to change him and make him into one of these kids out here. I just only wish life was different that our situation was different that we could live in a better place. But how do a mother heal from this how do I stop the tears from falling how do I convince my child that it is going to be ok when I look at him so badly beaten. I can't type anymore and I am still going to keep on snatching JOy


Feb 5, 2009


Dragging what is left of my one leg that is not tied to the sewing machine I decided to sit down and take a short break from sewing. I have just been totally drained the other day I woke up at 3:30 AM and started sewing and for 14hours what is wrong with me? I feel like I lost in ideas that for some reason is slow into making their way out of my head onto cloth. Last Saturday I did my weekly shopping with Joyce and as always she gets me buying more and more things that sometimes I have to ask myself now do you really need it or are you just buying on impulse and the answer is always of course I need it lol.

Well I was in such a hurry to make to Joann's that I got the sales mixed up and the quilter fabric didn't go on sale till the next day which was Sunday so you guessed it I will be back there this weekend shopping again. I truly have an addiction of many starting with my obsession with buttons gosh I need to find a place to check myself in just for help with that alone but nooooooo I keep hording buttons like a person with serious drug illness. Then my selfish ways when it comes to Lace shame on me I hunt, seek and find all bits and pieces of Lace I can get my hands on and not to mention the lace that so many kind and thoughtful souls who have graciously given me to add to my addiction. I sit there and just drool as I pacify myself with each piece at times dreaming of the things I could make from them then there are pieces I just can't find a way to part with them. What just what am I going to do with it? Nothing just sit and stare at it laying in my stash box. One I keep hidden away for only my eyes to see out of fear someone may suggest that it is a good piece to add to some doll laying over to the side patiently awaiting for more embellishments.
Here is a peek of the dolls I have been working on getting them ready for the Black History Month Show I will be doing at the State Department in DC on February 17. I never seem to satisfy with how my dolls look once they are finish I will take pictures of a few of them so far I have made 14 dolls in the past few weeks. I also must start on their little stories each one has a story to tell or a love letter tucked away some where that been hidden until someone can come along and mail it off for them.

Well this chain is starting to get tight meaning I need to get back to sewing. Until later

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl........Snatch Joy!