Feb 13, 2009

A Mother in Tears

Today I don't have good things to talk about and really I don't even know how to express what I am feeling. I am so hurt right now that I figure the best way to help it was to just blog about it. If this blog seems a bit confusing it's ok because I am. My son was brutally beaten yesterday the worst of my nightmares.

My youngest son goes to school across town, he attends a school for gifted kids he is a high honors student and I am so very proud of him. We call him Beasley a nick name given to him before he was even born funny little story maybe one day when I am not in tears I will explain it. He gets home from school everyday like clock work no later than 6:30 if he goes to the gym. Like I a said very good child. Some maybe can relate to my story but many I know can not. But it is very hard trying to raise a Black Male today so many many obstacles in the way. You feel like before you let your child out of the house you must arm him with all kinds of weapons. I arm mines with Prayers and asking God to keep him safe. Some how I was feeling a bit let down and that maybe the devil thought it had a more powerful weapon than the shield my son was carrying.

6:30 came and no sign of my son I kept calling his cell no answer I remember getting a call from a kid around 4:30 which was strange asking for him but I only told him that he hadn't come home from school yet. 7:45 my heart began to beat fast I knew definitely something was wrong trying not to think the worst I called the number back and the kids mom answered I asked had my son maybe dropped by there on the way home from school and that's when she broke the news to me. Her response was *You don't Know*!! OMG WHAT your son was involved in a altercation he was taken to the hospital. Tears began falling and right now I can not stop crying. I began trying to find what hospital no one called me she didn't know that I was not aware she said she would have called and told me at the time her son was calling to check on Beasley. Finally after making 4 calls I get the number to the dispatch for the ambulance service and they told me they had a call around 4:54 and took my son to John Hopkins Hospital. I didn't want my husband driving I called a cab we arrived I rushed through the emergency room trying to find him. A nurse spotted me and told me he was ok but hurt. My baby laid there broken jaw, chipped tooth, blacken eyes bruised all over. I broke down, I felt helpless i WAS not able to save my child from this. I have never in my life felt so helpless I can only just thank God he was not killed. I was told that he was assaulted by more than 12 youths all this happen in the so called Beautiful Downtown Baltimore Harbor. NO one tried to help my child and all this happened to my son because he heard a cry from another child much smaller than him who was also beaten by these same youths and which my son tells me the kid bike was stolen. He went to help the kid up and the gang came over to him and said oh so you wanna help him and began beaten on my son to the point he was knocked unconscious.

I am just in disbelief that a public area such as that no one called the police no one offered to help my son. I called the police station that is suppose to man that area but only got shot down as if I was bothering them. I just need answers he sits in anger and says to me *See Mom this is what happens to Good People* I don't want to send my son back to that school but it is not the schools fault the travel to and from is what has always been the fear to me. The hospital sent him home with a broken jaw I am to make an appointment for him with a specialist today. He screams that they stole his cell and ipod I tell him they are material things and they can be replaced. He looks at me and says mom we don't have money for those things, some how I will find a way. It just burns me up that my child had to go through something like this I don't want this to change him and make him into one of these kids out here. I just only wish life was different that our situation was different that we could live in a better place. But how do a mother heal from this how do I stop the tears from falling how do I convince my child that it is going to be ok when I look at him so badly beaten. I can't type anymore and I am still going to keep on snatching JOy



  1. Oh Cheryl!
    I am truly speechless! I am so incredibly sorry for what happened to your son! I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through right now! I don't understand pure hatred...never have, never will. I don't understand that there are actually very evil people in this world who don't have morals and only set out to hurt others to make themselves feel better.

    Did the authorities capture the people who did this to your son? I hope and pray they did so that you can proceed with pressing charges against every single one of them!

    Please know that I will be praying for you son's healing, both emotionally and physically. I will, also, pray that you will find strength and comfort to deal with whatever lies ahead. God Bless You, my friend...I am SO very sorry!

  2. Cheryl

    I will pray for your son and family.. What a horrible thing to happen. Kids in school these days are just horrible. It is so scarey to send a child to school anymore. There is so much going on.

    Your poor son i hope won't be scared from this situation. I wouldn't want a fine young man like yours to turn and hate. There are so many good kids out there but there are always some out there to make things so bad.

    I do hope and pray they find those kids that did this to your son and charge them. I know how you must feel now being afraid to send him back to that school. I live a little over an hour away from Baltimore. I've been to the inner harbor. And it's so beautiful there.

    You have a good son there that wanted to help another person. You can be very proud of him for that.

    Don't feel bad about coming to your blog to vent. We are all here for each other. So if you need to talk again. We are here.

    (((HUGS and PRAYERS))))))
    Blessings Pam

  3. I'm praying as I'm typing. I can relate. That's all I can say. That was one of my fears when my son was younger, however I was spared that trial. I will keep you lifted up in prayer, I know you feel violated right now. When someone harms our children, it's as if they did it to us too. Remember, God was right there with your baby when those animals were beating him and that other child and He will be with him ALWAYS.

  4. Oh Cheryl, I hadn't been by in awhile, and was just shocked when I read your post! I am so terribley shocked and saddened to read what horrific things happened today to your precious son. This is just unspeakable, and I can only imagine how frightening this must have been for your son, and for you and your entire family! I'm just so upset to learn of this...I hope your son's pain is being managed this evening and that his recovery will be smooth both physically and emotionally. I will be praying for you daily, for your son's healing, for peace, and for comfort. I will also add him to our prayer list through our Bible Study. I am sooooooo sorry, and send my love long distance to you. I will also pray that the police will get these boys so that this will never happen again. What a testimony to your son's character that he went to help another, despite how many boys were ganging up on them. He is obviously a brave and courageous boy ...you must be so proud, and thank God he is alive! Stay strong and hug your family extra tight tonight. With sadness, Denise

  5. Dearest Cheryl. How awful what has happened to you and your son . I have 3 sons and I know your fear even though I live in a much more
    ( so far ) peaceful place.
    Many hugs to you , Lone from Denmark

  6. I want to thank everyone for your prayers I didn't get much sleep. Yesterday I began my search for help for information on trying to resolve what I could of what happened. My son school was contacted and I spoke with the Dean he was so very upset to hear about this apparently another child was attack last week. It makes me wonder if these children are being attacked because of the school they attend. It just sickens me how so many kids these days have the lack of respect and lack morals for anyone not even their selves. I am not leaving this alone I am going to continue to pursue this until I see some kind of resolution. No one should live in fear no child should have to fear going to school. I contacted the local news station waiting now to hear from them. I know cameras are in that area I also know that someone had to witness this incident. Sad that people turned their backs watching a person being beaten. I guess in their minds it was just a bunch gang members at it with each other. My son is a straight A student not a kid who runs the streets but in the eyes of so many that dosen't matter. Thank so much for the prayers everyone I am continue to keep faith and not let myself faint. I will hold on Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch Joy!

  7. Hello Cheryl. I only discovered your blog today thru a link from another I frequent.
    I just had to say how sorry I am that this happened to your child. I too will keep you in my prayers, and especially pray that God will keep his arms of protection wrapped around your son and send angels to line the streets of that walk to and from the school, for your son's sake, as well as the other children.

    I was just saying yesterday to my mother that it's so sad how kids and adults alike seem to have so little respect for human life anymore. This is the example.............yet again.

    I encourage you to pursue the news. Parents need to know that this is going on so that they can properly protect their kids. Also, the kids who did this need to be called out and reprimanded.

    Perhaps you could spearhead a carpool to carry these kids back and forth so that they are safe while the authorities look into this.

    I would send a picture of your son in his current condition to the news station, along with the names and numbers of the parents whose kids have suffered the same fate. Somebody HAS TO protect these children and punish the ones are hurting them. I sure hope your son can identify them.

    I plead with you, no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, please do not give up your quest to make someone do something about this.

    I'll continue to lift you up in prayer. Please let your son know that so many of us are thinking of him and praying for his recovery.

  8. cheryl,

    I'm so sorry this happen to your beautiful son,
    our children are so precious and we pray for good things-- not bad things to happen. Protect him by praying. I will pray for his recovery, please email if I can do anything, he will be in my prayers.


  9. Cheryl, I'm upset to hear what happened to your son. Please try to contact all of the parents in the school for a thoughtful conversation around "teaching children respect for themselves and for the neighbors". This must be done. The parents who did this to your child must be engaged in conversation, and an apology must be given to your son from their children. I know this is hard.

  10. Cheryl I am so sorry to read this. My son has been bullied to the point of no return since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. No greater pain than that of a helpless mother. You are all in my prayers.

  11. Cheryl, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your son. I know how scared you are every time you let your child out of the door. I feel the same way. It has been awhile since the incident so I hope that he is much better now.