Dec 31, 2008

What You Working on Wednesday

Today is starting off BUSY! One accomplishment made I finally covered this tired brown leather office chair of mines. Joyce my BEST of friends is always on the look out for a great buy. She came across a bolt of tapestry woo hoo and she knows how much I love tapestry. For months now that bolt sat in a corner waiting for me to decide just what could I do with it. I didn't want to ruin it and get this I forgot to mention that she only paid $7.00 for it! That's right SEVEN BUCKS! To me it is worth millions. A bit timid about using it for fear of like I said messing it up. First I cut a small piece and covered my Bible... Taking a Deeeeeep Breath I called in for help and got Mista to give me a hand with taking about my chair. Well here is it is not a professional job but hey I LOVE IT and what can I say I have a Gorgeous Chair now for less than $7 bucks because I have more left over fabric lol. Now if only I can figure out what I am going to do with it.

My next big project is to work on these wood floors in here. Such a shame someone would destroy wood floors like this. Having a flooring Business this is a no no! I have this piece of vinyl that I am going to try my hand at making a floor cloth out of it wish me luck. Now on to cleaning up this room as best I can how do anyone keep a work room clean someone please give me some pointers on this. Tonight's menu will be meatloaf I need also get that out of the way too. I will be in Church tonight. Don't forget to pass along about the Give Away! Until Later

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl......Snatching up JOY!

Dec 30, 2008

Starting off The New Year With A Bang!

Well this morning I pondered around in my mess of a Studio/Office and thought what could I post today. Looking at the mounds of fabric and after talking to my Best Friend Joyce, it all came to me I am going to start my New Year off with a GIVE AWAY! I have been making my cloth dolls for sometime now and so far none of them have found a home. I am in the middle of working on some New dolls something a tad different from what I have been doing in the past. Well this is how the give away is going to work. For everyone who comes and make a comment here on this blog I am going to enter your name for a drawing which will end on my Birthday January 15th!

Now your wondering what will be in the give away?Shocked Pictures, Images and Photos Well that's up to the Winner to decided. That's right the Winner gets to pick any one(1) doll from my Etsy shop. Crazy Cool huh? Well you tell me what you think about it.

Now how many of you have New Years Day traditions, such as eating Black Eye Peas, or like my mothers demanding thing about having a man enter the door first to bring you good luck for the year. Well good luck to all who leaves a comment here and please pass this on to your fellow blogger.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Dec 29, 2008


A time to reflect back. How fast this year has gone by, how often do we say this every year as it all comes to a end. Refreshing with a start of a new. I myself don't personally like making New Year's resolutions but this year I am making a few exceptions to my rule. Besides, rules are made to broken lol. The first change is to my Blogging I will let more of my personal side show the side of who I am, my likes and dislikes along with my ups and downs. I am Claiming 2009 as MINE. With that being said my second Change is to be even more Positive than I have in the past, which only can make for a better me. If you are out there and taking time to read my Blogs give me some insights on your views about New Year Resolutions.