Oct 28, 2009

Dropping In

Thought I drop in and share something a friend sent to me in a email. Most times I don't bother with forwarding emails. Gosh let's just say I hate them. You know the ones if you don't respond and pass on you will have bad luck or something. This time I read one and I found it informative so I will share it with everyone.

~Something to think about!

Have you ever noticed girls who set their handbags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot! It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes 'what you don't know will hurt you'!

Read on.............

Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been.

It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside? Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day.

'I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot,' says one woman. 'On the floor of my car, and in toilets.'

'I put my handbag in grocery shopping carts and on the floor of the toilet,' says another woman 'and of course in my home which should be clean.'

We decided to find out if handbags harbour a lot of bacteria. We learned how to test them at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake , and then we set out to test the average woman's handbag.

Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their handbag. Most said at home they usually set their handbags on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared.

Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their handbags were at least a little bit dirty.

It turns out handbags are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was shocked.

Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the handbags tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, staphylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the handbags could make people very sick.

In one sampling, four out of five handbags tested positive for salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. 'There is faecal contamination on the handbags' says Amy. Leather or vinyl handbags tended to be cleaner than cloth handbags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role..People with kids tended to have dirtier handbags than those without,with one exception.

The handbag of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all. 'Some type of faeces, or possibly vomit' says Amy.

So the moral of this story is that your handbag won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat. Use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in toilets,and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop.

Experts say you should think of your handbag the same way you would a pair of shoes. 'If you think about putting a pair of shoes on your countertops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your handbag on the countertops.'

Your handbag has gone where individuals before you have walked, sat, sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc! Do you really want to bring that home with you? The microbiologists at Nelson also said cleaning a handbag will help. Wash cloth handbags and use leather cleaner to clean the bottom of leather handbags.


After reading this I never looked at my purse the same. So I also looked for places that even sold hooks to hang your purse on and I found this site and a few more
I am going out to buy hooks for gifts this Christmas and they will make great stocking stuffers.

Until Next Time I wish Peace and Many Blessings
Cheryl ...Snatch JOY!~

Oct 21, 2009

Busy Wednesday

Today has been one busy busy day with all the sewing I have been trying to get done and not to mention making holiday orniments Whew I am tired. I have also done some listing in my Esty Shop I refuse to give up on that.

Yesterday my Primitive tree arrived that I am going to put in a corner in my dinning room I will list some pictures as soon as I have everything all put together I am very pleased how it looks. Also had a Doctors appointment yesterday yuck but I have to do what I got to do. I am doing better but as time goes on I will be back to my old self again. I just wish I didn't stay so tired. Here are a few pictures of things I have listed in my shop.
Why not go take a look around you might see something you like and if you have a shop save me to your favorites I will do the same. Samm I have given thought to your suggestion about making some smaller dolls I will give it a try. I just wish I wasn't so stuck on making these dolls in this size the pictures make them appear much larger than what they are but as you can see the old lady sitting there in the chair she is not that big lol. I also have decided to make two bride dolls using some of the wedding dress, I am real excited about that can't wait to see how they turn out. Well time to fix dinner have no idea what I am going to fix
Peace and Blessings to all
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

Oct 15, 2009

What's A Woman To Do

The dress you see here
I brought one day while out thrifty shopping, I know what your thinking what on earth would make me buy a wedding gown from a thrift store. When I first seen it my head was dancing with ideas and all kinds of possibilities of what new life I could give to what I am now calling the dress of tears. Sure would love to know the history of how such a beautiful dress ended up in a thrift store. It was listed for 140.00 bucks wow no way was I going to pay that for a dress that my head was doing up and down flips of ways to pull it apart. So as always miss can I get a bargain I asked the store manager could he consider lowering the price. First he tells me that I could wait till Wednesday when everything is half price and purchase it then but even at half price I wasn't willing to pay that for the dress. So I gave Victor my sad sad look and told him of how I don't have a way to travel here on Wednesdays and that Joyce always bring me shopping on Saturday. Not to mention I also threw in who else was going to come to a thrift store in search of a Wedding Gown, and beside Victor look there is a rip right here. He looked a me with a smile and said ok how much are you willing to pay Ha!@!!@! I had to laugh ummm Victor I only have 25.00 bucks and I am also trying to purchase these other items. Well sweet ol Victor sold me the dress for 20.00 dollars and the promised that I would bake him one of my Chocolate Cakes lol.

After getting the dress home it sat on my sofa for a few days before I even bothered to bring it upstairs. Then it sat on a chair in my bedroom for another few days. The more I starred at the dress the more it almost made me sad. Yesterday I removed a sleeve but couldn't get up enough nerve to do anything else to it. (by the way I found a straight pin in the seam of the sleeve ouch!) So now it hangs on the door of my sewing room. Oh what should I do with her.

Also on another thrift store venture I purchased this awesome chair for my bedroom.
Oh how I love love this chair it sits better than any chair in my house and for 30 bucks how could I have left it sitting there. I have already fallen asleep in it a few times. I love thrift store shopping do you?

Here is another doll I am going to list in my Esty Shop

I am starting to wonder why do I even bother I have not sold a doll yet. I guess it is either poor pictures or the lack of understanding my dolls, I love them though lol. She will list for 70.00 dollars and free shipping I have a few items that I have listed for free shipping. You see her vintage pan and rolling pin. I love how she turned out.
Until Next Time
Peace and Many Blessings
Cheryl....Snatch JOY!

Oct 9, 2009

Taking Time Out

I have been so very busy lately, that I thought I take sometime out today and blog. So much has been going on my Mum has become very ill and has been in the hospital for months. I Went to see her last weekend and I was so happy to see that she is coming along. It just delighted me to see her finish almost all her food. My Mum has colon cancer but the power of prayer she will pull through it all. I am in Maryland and she is in a hospital in DC so it is a bit of a commute for me since I don't drive anymore. So between going to see my Mum and going to the Docs for myself whew I am tired.

I have been slowly working on making new items for my Etsy shop along with my big project of making sure Christmas will visit my house this year. It came to me as a thought I would like to have a online Christmas ornament exchange. If anyone is interested in doing this please leave me a comment. I think that would be alot of fun. I will work on my details about this weekend. Until then I wish you all
Peace and Many Blessings
Cheryl... Snatch JOY~