Feb 17, 2009

Just a Little Note

I can start seeing a little more sunshine along my path. Tomorrow is my big day for the Black History Month Show. I have been working on dolls for weeks now and through all the clutter I have created I can sit back after tomorrow and breath a little before going back at it again.
My Son is healing more and more each day again, Thanks everyone for your prayers I will keep yall updated on the progress of finding the people responsible for this.
Did anyone catch the sales at Jo Ann's I did. Joyce came by and took me out shopping yesterday I was a bit hesitate about going but she felt I needed to be out and grab some fresh air. I was also out of white thread major problem matter fact a crisis being without white thread. I use more white and black thread than any other color. So with coupons in hand off we went. I grabbed a bolt of black muslin, a bolt of onsaburg and only paid 40.00 dollars for the bolt of onsaburg I tell you having coupons is the best thing since slice bread. Not to mention a lot of the grocery chains now are doing double coupon savings on coupons up to 1.00 off. I have done some major damage in the grocery store with those. I even splurged and brought a gingher seam ripper was on sale 30percent off sale price 17.49 plus 10 percent off coupon. Now before I start on anymore dolls I must clean up the mess I have made that some how I just don't know trailed into my bedroom I dare not show pictures of that. Let's just say I am a phone call away from clean house showing up.
Speaking of clean house how many of you watch that show? After watching it a few times I can honestly say it has made me look at things I have at home a lot different. I don't think I could stomach how some of those people homes look. Gosh how on earth could you see stuff just piled up and not even try to get rid of it. Shame of it all but I guess like they say it takes all kinds. I will take pictures of the show and share. I need to start dinner before Mista gets in which is going to be a quick fix meal.
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!


  1. Cherly So happy that your son is healing more and more everyday. And that you got to go out and enjoy your day at Joann's. Love Love Love that store. Went there today. LOL Looking at the doll you have on your post and her teany tiny waist. Wish i could have that. LOL

    Good luck at your show.

    Hugs pam

  2. Hi Dear Cheryl! Oh, I'm so glad to know some healing with your precious son is happening. It was good for you to get out and what a time you've had! I need some of those coupons for JoAnn's. I have to travel about 30 miles to a JoAnn's.They've all close around here, but I do like a sale! Good luck with your show and that little doll at the top is adorable. Man, she's got a good figure! I look like that under all my fluff! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Cheryl~
    Such good news that your son is on the road to recovery...sounds like you've raised a strong young man! I will continue to pray for his healing and I really hope that whoever did that to him will be found very soon and brought to justice!

    Good luck with your show!!!

  4. hi cheryl!

    just popping over to say hello. i love how the doll has so much personality even without a face! awesome.

    i am having a give-away if you'd like to stop by to enter.

    take care!


  5. Hi Cheryl. I was just thinking about you and wanted you to know I'm still praying for your son and your family!
    Shelia ;)