Jul 18, 2009

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a fantastic day even after a few stumbling blocks it turned out wonderful. I went thrifty shopping and I think I got some pretty good bargins. You never know what you will find in a thrift shop. Joyce called me early telling me about these ladder back chairs she saw the day before. They were gorgeous I didn't get them just yet because I am not sure if they have a spot in my home for them. They are black with the heavy straw woven seats and have hand painted flowers on the ladder part of them with bits of gold trim. Well this here is the chair I am buy from target to put on the bare wall by my steps, that Joyce thought the chairs in the thrift shop would be better and you get all four for 79.00 dollars it just not the same. This is the picture of the settee I am buying

Even though the ladder back chairs are really nice I just don't see a place right now in my small house to place them. But I did however buy these two chairs I just couldn't leave them in that cold lonely drabby thrift store they was calling out my name over and over begging me to please don't leave them behind.

I love them! I got them both for 45.00 dollars I am not sure if that is a bargain or not I just knew I had to have them. I also brought two lamps one for 12.00 and the other for 5.00 dollars, a black metal tray for 2 bucks and a wicker laundry basket for 1.50 So I think I did pretty good for the amount of money I spent.

And last but not lest I am a huge lover of red transferware and TOILE! well I found two nice pieces on etsy and I can't wait for them to come in the mail

Well that's it for now I need to get some rest whew I hope everyone has had a wonderful as well
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!


  1. You did some good thrifing. I especially like the cream colored lamp. The toile from ebay is nice too. I like to get toile in blue. May be becuase blue is my favorite color. Are those your dolls you have showcased in that room? Did you make a decision on the porch chairs?

  2. I'm a sucker for Ladder Backs!


  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I just had to pop over and say hi here! Lol I love your bargins, you did good!
    Love your Blog,
    Painted Heart Designs

  4. Oh man Cheryl, I don't blame you for snatchin' those two chairs! They are wonderful! I'm sure you will find just the right spot for them. :> )
    You definitely got some good deals.
    That transferware is gorgeous! I love the red too!

  5. Love the bench you're planning on, the chairs are adorable and your other finds too. Toile is nice! :)

  6. Hi Cheryl, everything is beautiful!

    Thank you for joining the Rooster Party and your kind words on my blog. So appreciated!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 28th.

    Hugs, Barb

  7. Hi Cheryl, thanks for visiting--it's nice meeting you. I love your thrift store finds!