Aug 9, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Today is one of those calm relaxing Sundays even though the temps outside is crazy hot. Last week I went to see the neurologist and things are coming along pretty good. So now it will be up to my primary care doctor to go ahead and give the oncologist the ok for my surgery. I just will be one happy woman when all this is behind me.

Each week I am still struggling more and more to get motivated to do some sewing I look at the piles of fabrics and sit there dreaming not moving not taking a step to even begin cutting. I guess everyone goes through a stage like this. The ideas are all there in my head but I guess with everything else my mind just wont allow me to do it right now and that is ok!

I am shame to say how much time I spend on here just drooling over so so many blogs I must say it is a HUGE amount of creative people out there. I discovered one blog the other day Barb at Bella Vista I was stuck in her blog for hours just gorgeous ideas so much talent. I decided to even join a Rooster Party she is having, I had laugh but for some reason I thought I was alone for my love of Roosters. So on the August 28, all that joined in on the fun will be showcasing their Roosters, I cant wait. I need to get a new memory card for my camera for some reason the darn thing just stopped working I keep getting a memory card error every time I turn on the cam. Oh well that is on the to do list for this week.

Most of you know about my love for PEPSI now I have found something else it's not a replacement but for now I am loving the Canada Dry Ginger Ale Green Tea DELICIOUS

Well time to fix dinner!
Peace and Blessings all
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!


  1. Dear Rooster Party Participant,

    Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


  2. Hi Cheryl! Oh, I hope you find the sofa you want. I love seeing all those pieces of furniture and just adore that little desk and the chair with the needlepoint seat is adorable!
    Cheryl, you'll be in my prayers and I pray all will go well with you and your surgery and you'll recover very quickly. I read where your son is doing good - I'm so thankful to hear that! He looks like you standing on your porch.
    Take care and I know you know we have an awesome God!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)