Jul 11, 2009

What a Saturday

Today I decided that I would try and paint the furniture on my front porch ugh. Well here is a before and a half finished after lol. I had two cans of spray paint and only to find out it takes 2 cans of paint for each chair so until I can go back to Home Depot and get more paint this is the results for now. I know my neighbors are saying why she even bothered those chairs are not done. I also want to paint the white wicker chair that use to be a rocker I have had now for 16yrs. That's my son I was pregnant with him when I gotten the rocker.

I found out I don't have as much strength in my hands as I use to it was really hard trying to hold trigger tight to spray the paint. I welcome any ideas anyone have that can help me cozy up this porch a bit.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl... Snatch Joy!


  1. Hi Cheryl! Oh, it's so good to hear from you and yes, you're entered in my giveaway!
    I've been trying to catch up on your posts and oh, my goodness! Dear One! I'm so sorry for all of your health problems right now! I can't imagine how you feel! Just know you'll be in my prayers, truly! I have always heard this saying, "Life is not fair, but God is good!" I know sometimes we feel like He's not there and we need Him so desperately! I know you're a believer and Cheryl, don't give up and keep on taking life one hour, one minute at a time! Now you go hug that cutie pie son of yours, your hubby and all those precious little dolls you make and know I'm smiling for you and sending you a great big ole (((hug)))!
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wow, those chairs a Rawkin! lol No pun intended.


  3. Cheryl,
    Love your chairs and the toile pillows.
    Add a doll, and on the right hand side of your window I would also add a willow wreath or grapevine wreath in black.

  4. What a handsome young man your son is! Your rockers look fantastic! (Love the pillows!) I have a black chair and rocker along with white wicker on my front porch. I turned a couple of old milk crates upside down and use them as lil' tables with some plants on them. I got myself a concrete drill bit and started drillin' holes to hang signs on our brick. Since my hubs thinks I'm nuts, I do that stuff when he's not home. Hee-hee... :> )