Jan 21, 2009

An Unofficial What The Heck Am I Doing Wednesday lol

I haven't posted in a few days just been busy trying to catch up on everything from life to reading, sewing and not to meniton the never ending housework. I have often said I would give up one thing that I truly love to treat myself to maid service once a month.
Yea yea I know that seems a bit much but think about it. All those little jobs you hate doing there can be someone who with a smile will come take it all away. My annerversary is next month on Vday can you believe it, well on our second anneversary my husband gave me a antique silver service set.

I abousolutely love it. Only one problem you guessed it keeping it cleaned. I am afraid to do too much to it because I heard that takes away from the character of it. But I have been plainning this romantic weekend just the two of us (throwing boys out for that day) >evil grin<

Now I know there are many out there who may use their sets on a regular basis and I have even heard that using them often keeps them from tarnishing. Might have to consider doing that for Sunday mornings. When you put together romantic evenings or special occasion's with your significant other what kind of things do you together? Would love to get some ideas.

Also, I have been sewing again next month I will be selling my dolls at the State Department in DC for Black History Month. I really don't get into talking a lot on this topic because it just make some feel a bit uncomfortable. I can remember how hurtful a few people had made me feel in the past about my use of the Word Mammy which none of them took the time to even ask me why. Right down to one woman actual was having a all out protest to try and have my esty shop shutdown. How pitiful on her part, I love mammy and I don't see anything wrong with calling myself MammyStitches. Well let me get off that for now here is one of my dolls in progress I should be finished with her later on today. Need to cut out more bodies so glad Joyce brought over another box of polyfil I was running low.
I need more wool, thought about using yawn just not sure I may go ahead and do her and another one with yawn hair until I can find someone selling some dark brown and black wool. Anyone know of a reasonable place to purchase please let me know. Well the silver wont get polished with me sitting here dreaming.

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl...Snatch Joy!


  1. I love you silver service set! I bet it looks amazing all polished and pretty!

    As far as romantic ideas are concerned, I can't help you much there...sad to say. Chris travels about 4 nights each week, so when he does get home, we play catch up on everything. Also, with a teenager and a tween around, there's not much time for romance, believe me. I hope you can find some ways to make it a romantic and memorable anniversary!

    Congrats on being able to sell your dolls for Black History Month...I know you'll do just AWESOME!

  2. Cheryl, Nice silver set. LOVE the buffet it's on. :) And the picture hanging above that.

    You should feel free to write about whatever you want on YOUR blog - i.e. Black History Month. it's why I love reading your blog. You and I have different backgrounds. :)

    Really loving your new doll.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  3. Congratulations Cheryl, I have given you two blog awards. Come by my place to pick them up.

    I agree about the maid service. Just once in a while would help. Can't help with the romantic ideas. I see my husband once a year. He's an Army soldier and the children and I don't travel with him. Wish I could get up there to see your dolls next month. Please take lots of pics to share with us.


  4. Hey Cheryl!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by and saying hello and seeing what Stella is up to. :) Isn't it fun? I will have her for one week and then I have to decide where she's going to go next! You have a wonderful blog here. Your dolls are precious! :)

  5. Hi Cheryl!

    Just stopping by since it has been a week or so since I have visited...first of all, BIG congrats to your son on his decision for Christ! That is fantastic news!

    Also, I LOVE your dolls, and loved teaching about Black History Month to my 3rd grade students years ago...I hope you will post more on black history and keep those vintage photos coming, I love your blog!

    YES, YES, YES....DO hire a housekeeper to come every other week or once a month. It was the best investment I ever made! Shop around and really look as there are many ladies (like ours) who are open to swapping...that can keep your costs down too.

    Oh yes, "Postnet" called yesterday and said they delivered your package...let me know if it arrived safely...I am so worried my wrapping wasn't very good and something may have broken...I'll keep my fingers crossed it all arrived safely!

    Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings to you today!

    Denise :-)

  6. Lovely silver, and you've done a magnificent job on that doll. Hope you can think of something fun to do on your anniversary.

  7. Cheryl,
    You always have a kind word. There is an award waiting for you on my blog.

  8. Happy Sunday Cheryl, I have been thoroughly enjoying your wonderful blog!!! I have been reading many of your posts & love the way you look at things!....First of all, your silver set is amazing! & do use it! I'm a decorator & am always telling people to get their silver out of the cupboards & use it!! :) Even though you feel it is a bit "fancier" than your everyday things, bring it out, & mix them together...put sugar in your sugar bowl, cream in the pitcher & maybe a small bouquet of roses alongside! You can also arrange a few antique silver spoons in one of the silver pieces which also always is handy & looks so pretty!.....I also wanted to say I LOVE your dolls!!!! & I LOVE htat you call them "mammies"! I think of that as a word of respect & love!....When I think of "mammy" it is completely an image of a loving, intelligent & kind woman! Anyone who objects I think is being a bit too "politically correct"!...Cheryl, I love your blog! & am looking forward to getting to be good friends!.....Heidi XO