Jan 2, 2009


Today I thought about how could I explain what so many ask me concerning my signature *Snatch Joy*. Close your eyes and just relax, now think of all of the things in life that make you smile.... Now Snatch that Joy! The Dictionary Meaning of this

Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.
The expression or manifestation of such feeling.
A source or an object of pleasure or satisfaction: their only child, their pride and joy.

v., joyed, joy·ing, joys.

To take great pleasure; rejoice.

v.tr. Archaic.
To fill with ecstatic happiness, pleasure, or satisfaction.
To enjoy.

Now think about this there are people who live day to day and not even have a clue to what JOY is or feel like. Sometimes we loose site on the small and simple things in life that can bring us so much Joy. Times are so hard right now for many of us but there is still that moment of Joy capture it hold on and just savor it's moment for being in your presence. Walking to the store earlier I saw two elderly men standing on the corner laughing and having good converstation with each other. It made me smile as I thought to myself how wonderful it was watching them hearing most of their conversation was about the good ol days long gone by. But, for them that moment it gave both of them Joy. Now take a second because that is all you need look around you be aware of your surroundings Joy is there waiting for you to snatch some up! There is a Gospel song and I don't know all the words to it but there is a verse along with a saying that Joy comes in the morning. I believe Joy starts in the morning and continues on throughout the day.

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl.........Snatching up so much JOY it's over flowing!


  1. What I can see you have a great work space--please post more pictures of your work area-
    would love to see.


  2. hi cheryl, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. your dolls are very cool and so filled with detail!!! happy new year!

  3. Being happy is one of the most important things to as lot of people, but you must have a special talent if you want to share yours.

  4. You are so right, you never have to look far to snatch that joy!! Thanks for the inspiration, and thank you for stopping by my blog!!