Jan 6, 2009

For The Love of Music

How many of you listen to music as you go about doing your day to day missions. I am a BIG music Lover. No matter what kind it is, it all depends on my mood at the time. When I was a lot younger I played the cello and drums. I was in the DC Youth Orchestra boy I can remember back on those days of draging my cello on the bus the ride across town on Saturdays for practice. Now days I enjoy listening to other artist delight my ears. Sometimes I just want to sit back and mello out and then other times I want to jump to my feet and just let it all go dance like there is no tomorrow. We all have our favorites but I just have way too many, but here is a video I want to share of one of my Top favorite artist and her song which has so much meaning to me. Listen to the words because it is a tear dripper so grab your hankies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5ILIjRTjZY My Anneversary is comming up soon that's right I am one of those who got married on Valentines Day. What can I say I am just a romantic soul. I want to do something very special this year so far I haven't come up with any ideas. This song expresses how I feel about my Mista he was truly sent by God. Need to learn how to post the videos on my blog I hope the link works. Today is table scape Tuesday I didn't participate but please click the link on my sideboard and check it out. What beautiful place settings everyone has ok I am rambling now let me finish sewing I have to get these dolls finished soon. Friday I will be baking up cupcakes if anyone has a way that I can transport 150 cupcakes safely with icing please let me know! I am makig cupcakes for everyone after service in Church on Sunday to celebrate the January Birthday people it's 18 of us including myself and 3 with the same birthday as mine January 15th!!

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl..Snatch JOY!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today & leaving me your thoughts...150 cupcake...wow...good luck!

  2. 150 cupcakes--------what a job can I lick the bowls?


  3. Hi Cheryl! :-)

    My name is Denise and I am your partner for the Very Vintage Valentine Swap! Yippee! I am really excited, and have already picked up some goodies for you! My mother passed away on Dec. 26th after a year long battle with cancer, and I am flying out to CA tomorrow. Her funeral is on the 12th, but I will be returning on the 14th, so I will be able to get your special package out to you when I get home. I just read your post above and felt a special connection when you mentioned your birthday is on Jan. 15th...that was also my mother's birthday! We always thought it was neat that she was born on Matin Luther King's Day too! So happy to "meet" you, and I will be in touch again!

    May many blessings be yours in 2009!


  4. Cheryl I love you blog! SO much so I left you a little award over on my blog. Go check it out! Blessings to you and yours
    can I mention how much music calms my soul and I just love yours!

  5. Cheryl, I see you stopped by my blog and signed on as a follower....thanks!! I love your blog! Tha t song was just wonderful! My 17 year old daughter, Emily, plays clarinet in the school band. She loves music, too! 150 cup cakes....wow! I have no idea how to transport them except to say....very carefully! Lol! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog....come on back anytime! Oh I looked at your etsy....I just love grand ma ma! ~Beth~

  6. Hi Cheryl...thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love visitors! Your giveaway is fantastic. Your dolls are amazing! Have a great day and come visit again!

  7. that is so kind of you to bake 150 cupcakes!

    one of my new year's resolutions is to have music playing in my home more often. i love music and i seldom think to have it on unless i'm in the car. i would like to help shape my boys' musical tastes or at least have them think of certain songs and relate them to growing up. thanks for the nice post.


  8. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for posting my E&W Link. I appreciate so much.

    I love Yanni, so it was a pleasure to listen while reading your blog. He is ALL I listen to.

    Thank you,