Oct 15, 2009

What's A Woman To Do

The dress you see here
I brought one day while out thrifty shopping, I know what your thinking what on earth would make me buy a wedding gown from a thrift store. When I first seen it my head was dancing with ideas and all kinds of possibilities of what new life I could give to what I am now calling the dress of tears. Sure would love to know the history of how such a beautiful dress ended up in a thrift store. It was listed for 140.00 bucks wow no way was I going to pay that for a dress that my head was doing up and down flips of ways to pull it apart. So as always miss can I get a bargain I asked the store manager could he consider lowering the price. First he tells me that I could wait till Wednesday when everything is half price and purchase it then but even at half price I wasn't willing to pay that for the dress. So I gave Victor my sad sad look and told him of how I don't have a way to travel here on Wednesdays and that Joyce always bring me shopping on Saturday. Not to mention I also threw in who else was going to come to a thrift store in search of a Wedding Gown, and beside Victor look there is a rip right here. He looked a me with a smile and said ok how much are you willing to pay Ha!@!!@! I had to laugh ummm Victor I only have 25.00 bucks and I am also trying to purchase these other items. Well sweet ol Victor sold me the dress for 20.00 dollars and the promised that I would bake him one of my Chocolate Cakes lol.

After getting the dress home it sat on my sofa for a few days before I even bothered to bring it upstairs. Then it sat on a chair in my bedroom for another few days. The more I starred at the dress the more it almost made me sad. Yesterday I removed a sleeve but couldn't get up enough nerve to do anything else to it. (by the way I found a straight pin in the seam of the sleeve ouch!) So now it hangs on the door of my sewing room. Oh what should I do with her.

Also on another thrift store venture I purchased this awesome chair for my bedroom.
Oh how I love love this chair it sits better than any chair in my house and for 30 bucks how could I have left it sitting there. I have already fallen asleep in it a few times. I love thrift store shopping do you?

Here is another doll I am going to list in my Esty Shop

I am starting to wonder why do I even bother I have not sold a doll yet. I guess it is either poor pictures or the lack of understanding my dolls, I love them though lol. She will list for 70.00 dollars and free shipping I have a few items that I have listed for free shipping. You see her vintage pan and rolling pin. I love how she turned out.
Until Next Time
Peace and Many Blessings
Cheryl....Snatch JOY!


  1. Good Morning Cheryl....the saga on the dress no doubt will continue, are you thinking of for one of your dolls? Do love the bedroom chair, I have a chair by my bed and it has become the night stop for Sumatra our ragdoll cat, she would love yours even more as it is round....
    Now about your dolls, sorry to hear you haven't sold one.. I in a minute would love one, however if she was a shelf size, I would so consider ... if anyone is a doll collector they are collecting many, if they weren't of course they would not really be interested...Think about someday making minatures, I do believe with all of my heart Cheryl you would sell many and I would begin the line... I love the one on your porch, the maid one...that one I would love to see about 1 foot tall...is that possible, have you considered it... so love them all of them...really I do...blessings madame samm

  2. Well, for one you can fix up the dress then sell it in a higher price or give is as a gift to someone. I like the chair!

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    To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill.

    Thank you very much for your help!