Oct 21, 2009

Busy Wednesday

Today has been one busy busy day with all the sewing I have been trying to get done and not to mention making holiday orniments Whew I am tired. I have also done some listing in my Esty Shop I refuse to give up on that.

Yesterday my Primitive tree arrived that I am going to put in a corner in my dinning room I will list some pictures as soon as I have everything all put together I am very pleased how it looks. Also had a Doctors appointment yesterday yuck but I have to do what I got to do. I am doing better but as time goes on I will be back to my old self again. I just wish I didn't stay so tired. Here are a few pictures of things I have listed in my shop.
Why not go take a look around you might see something you like and if you have a shop save me to your favorites I will do the same. Samm I have given thought to your suggestion about making some smaller dolls I will give it a try. I just wish I wasn't so stuck on making these dolls in this size the pictures make them appear much larger than what they are but as you can see the old lady sitting there in the chair she is not that big lol. I also have decided to make two bride dolls using some of the wedding dress, I am real excited about that can't wait to see how they turn out. Well time to fix dinner have no idea what I am going to fix
Peace and Blessings to all
Cheryl...Snatch JOY!


  1. A like the new doll and bless your heart on the heart on a stick.., now that is lovely. I am glad you are considering some smaller dolls...the one in the chair still seems quite large, 2 could sit comfortably where some of my doll collection could be in the dozen...lol.I would be the first in line if you made Mammy the one on the porch in black and white say under 1 foot...I would have her here as quickly as you could ship her to me.... You can still make your larger dolls, just give us lovers of yours to have them in miniature...blessings...madame samm

  2. I have already put you in my favorites Cheryl.Am off to see your new listings.